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A contribution to the Gross Catholic Annual Fund will make the season brighter for our students. Please check the story below about Gaby, our amazing senior.

Gaby Gandara is a QuestBridge National College Match Award Winner!

Senior Gaby Gandara recalled sitting looking at her iPad with her mom while she waited to receive news that would have a tremendous impact on her future.

The Early Years at Gross Catholic

Gaby Gandara's senior pictureEarly in high school, Gaby didn’t think her family would ever be able to afford college and doubted herself academically. After her freshman year, Gaby transferred to Gross Catholic. She was familiar with the school and knew several students. Gaby knew, based on how kind the students were, that she would find an accepting and welcoming environment at Gross.

As she adjusted to a new setting, her friends from Gross Catholic and their families helped her branch out and learn more about possible college and career opportunities. She was also encouraged by her teachers to take advanced placement and honors classes. “I have been highly challenged at Gross, and therefore, I discovered that my academic capabilities have no limits. I can always be pushed further than I think or believe” Gaby said. She began to build confidence for what she was capable of and decided college was the next step for her after high school.

What happens next? Continue reading about Gaby.

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