Admission Exams


Admissions Exam scantron and pencilThe 8th Grade Admissions Exam and 6th & 7th Grade Practice Exam takes place on Saturday, January the 8th, 2022, at Gross Catholic High School.

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Why take the exam at Gross Catholic?

The exam is used to help place students in appropriate courses.

Those who take the exam and do very well will be awarded scholarships to Gross Catholic. Of course, students must take the exam at Gross Catholic in order to be awarded the scholarships. We give away nearly $50,000 in scholarships to students who score well on our exam. Wow!

Taking the Admissions Exam at Gross Catholic is also a significant part of the requirements needed to qualify for the Campus Visit Grant. Shadowing a student for a day is the other requirement.

Even if you haven’t decided on a high school yet, taking our exam is a great way to learn more about the process of deciding on a school that fits.

6th & 7th Grade Practice Exam

This Practice exam is designed to prepare 6th and 7th graders for our 8th Grade Admissions Exam. It’s a great way to achieve a successful 8th grade Admissions exam score at Gross Catholic.

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