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Educate for Formation in Faith

Gross Catholic provides a supportive family atmosphere for students to explore and deepen their faith.  We emphasize developing values for a lifetime.

Students have the opportunity to attend Mass often, celebrate the sacraments regularly, and strengthen their faith with a four-year theology program and annual retreats. We encourage students to build relationships through our active student Marianist LIFE Community.  Students study social justice issues and offer service to our school, church, and community.  They may also expand their world by participating in an annual service mission trip.

Campus Ministry and Retreats

All students are required to make an annual retreat with their classmates.  Retreats are designed to give students an opportunity to reflect on their lives and deepen their relationships with God, family, and friends. Retreats also provide a sense of belonging and are designed to benefit all students, regardless of their religious affiliation. Prayer and the sacraments are an essential part of the experience, as are involvement in discussions and other faith-building activities.

Marianist  Mission Program

The Gross Catholic Marianist Mission Program promotes and creates leaders in the Marianist tradition. Students are educated for service, justice and peace by offering their time and talents in service to God and others.  The Marianist Mission Program promotes growth in discipleship and responsibility while encouraging students to become active Christian leaders who help transform our community.  These stated objectives support the 5 Characteristics of a Marianist Education:

  1. Educating for Formation in Faith.
  2. Providing an Integral, Quality Education.
  3. Educating in Family Spirit.
  4. Educating for Service, Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation.
  5. Educating for Adaptation and Change.

Each Gross Catholic student is required to complete a minimum of 25 Marianist Mission Program hours each year.

LIFE Community

LIFE (Living In Faith Experience) is a national faith formation program for high school students rooted in Catholic and Marianist tradition. Based on the founders’ vision for building a community of communities to change the world, LIFE provides Marianist and non-Marianist institutions opportunities for communities of faith to form, grow, and flourish.


We are a small Faith community of disciples committed to Mary’s mission of bringing Christ to the world. Rooted in community, sacraments, and prayer, we are called to grow in faith and to build and strengthen our Marianist family. We are LIFE!


Our community meets once per month in the LIFE room at Gross Catholic.  All students are welcome.  LIFE meetings are loaded with fun, food, faith and friendliness.

The Gross Catholic student LIFE Community seeks to…

  • Give students an experience of God and bring God to life in all aspects of spirituality: physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual
  • Provide an experience of Christian community and develop the skills for building Christian community
  • Introduce the Marianist mission and charisms
  • Invite us to a deeper personal relationship with God and communal faith through a variety of experiences
  • Show us that Christian living is joyful, fun-filled, and life-giving
  • Develop the knowledge, beliefs, values, and skills for servant leadership and service in our Church, our community, and our world
  • Have FUN together and enjoy each other in the Marianist LIFE Community!

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