Celebrating Scholarship and Leadership Winners

Honoring Outstanding Scholarship Students

Scholarship Winners 2024Scholarship winners! We are thrilled to highlight two remarkable scholarships that honor students who embody the values of leadership, service, and dedication. Join us as we celebrate the achievements of our students and learn more about the impactful contributions they make to our school and beyond.

Celebrating Excellence: The Mark & Taylor Kaipust Memorial Scholarship

At Gross Catholic High School, we take great pride in honoring exceptional students who exemplify the values of patience, positivity, leadership, and service. Annually, we award the Mark & Taylor Kaipust Memorial Scholarship to a deserving individual who mirrors these qualities in their daily life.

This year, we received inspiring essays from 38 talented students. Among them, Javier Lizarraga-Hascall, an outstanding 8th grader from St. Mary’s Bellevue, stood out as the recipient of this prestigious scholarship.

Javier’s essay beautifully captured the essence of uplifting leadership. “Positive leadership in high school could be a friend, leading other friends away from something they know they would get in trouble for and shouldn’t be doing. It can also be a friend bringing their friends up with a compliment, or encouraging them on a day when they’re struggling.”

A Bright Future: The Margaret and Stan Macaitis Endowed Scholarship

Another scholarship that underscores our commitment to well-rounded students is the Margaret and Stan Macaitis Endowed Scholarship. This scholarship recognizes students who actively participate in various activities, particularly with an inclination toward athletics.

This year, we were thrilled to receive 37 compelling essays. Gavin Roman, a talented student from Lewis and Clark Middle School, emerged as the deserving recipient of this scholarship.

In his essay, Gavin eloquently described the profound connections he has built with his fellow players and coaching staff. “The bonds that I have formed with my teammates and coaches make them feel like family, always supporting and encouraging me to be my best self. In every race, game, or match, I find a sense of purpose and fulfillment that transcends the boundaries of the sports arena and carries over into all aspects of my life.”

Encouraging Future Leaders

These scholarships not only celebrate academic excellence but also underscore the importance of character, leadership, and community involvement. Javier and Gavin exemplify the values we hold dear at Gross Catholic High School, and we are excited to welcome them into our community.

Well Done!

We look forward to seeing how these outstanding young individuals will contribute to our school and beyond. Congratulations to Javier Lizarraga-Hascall and Gavin Roman on their well-deserved achievements!

Stay tuned for more inspiring stories and updates from our vibrant community at Gross Catholic High School.

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