Scholarships & Grants

We Are Here to Help

A Gross Catholic Education is Affordable and Valuable

Gross Catholic is dedicated to making our integral, quality education an option for committed families and students. Our goal is to work with families, one on one, to arrive at a fair and feasible tuition plan. Approximately 75 percent of our students receive grants and scholarships.

To apply for scholarship assistance, complete the online application form and submit with the necessary supporting documents and $35 application fee by March 31 on the FACTS Grants & Aid website.

Parish Assessment

Omaha Catholic parishes pay $400 towards each student’s tuition. Each parish will review the list of students we send and based on their own guidelines, may supplement $400 towards their tuition. Typical guidelines are whether a family is registered and if they are actively participating within the parish.

Archdiocese of Omaha Tuition Assistance

Your FACTS Assessment will also be used to determine your daily’s eligibility for Archdiocese Tuition Assistance. This benefits families in need of financial assistance who make the sacrifice to send their children to Catholic Schools. Income verification from the family’s prior year tax returns and household size is required to determine awarding of these funds.

Freshman Campus Visit Grant

This $1,000 grant is available to 7th and 8th grade students who shadow a current student and also take the Admissions Exam.

Academic Scholarships

Academic scholarships are awarded based on student’s performance on the Admissions Exam. The amounts and number of scholarships vary each year based on the quality of the exam scores.

It is recommended that students take the entrance exam at the high school that they plan to attend in the fall in order to qualify for academic scholarships. Students who take the exam at a different high school cannot qualify for our academic scholarships.

Scholarship Amount
    Daniel J. & Louise Gross Distinguished Scholarship     $3,000 Freshman year, $2,000 renewable each year after
    Fr. William Chaminade Distinguished Scholarship     $2,000 Freshman year, $1,000 renewable each year after
    Cougar Family Leadership Scholarship     $1,000 Freshman year, $500 renewable each year after

Other Scholarships and Grants

Innovation Grant

The Innovation Grant is being offered for students who are interested in science, technology, engineering, math, and related innovation areas of study. Ten 8th grade students will be selected to receive a $1000 Innovation Grant for their freshman year. Learn more and apply.

Mark Kaipust & Taylor Kaipust Memorial Scholarship

The Mark Kaipust & Taylor Kaipust Memorial Scholarship Fund is established in memory of Gross Catholic alumnus, Mark Kaipust and his son, Taylor. A $2,000.00 scholarship will be awarded to one incoming Gross Catholic freshman. Learn more and apply.

Work Study Program

Gross Catholic offers tuition credit for work completed at our school. Students can apply to work during the summer, fall spring or winter seasons after scheduled school days, or during non-school days. This work would include, but is not limited to: year or garden work, cleaning, or light maintenance. Work study is intended to fit the student’s schedule and offers up to $1,000 of tuition credit. Students who qualify for tuition assistance could be placed in our work study program.

Together a Greater Good

Did you know that Gross Catholic High School has partnered with Together a Greater Good (TAGG) to create a win-win opportunity for parents to reduce their tuition costs and continue to raise funds to support the school?