Unstoppable 4th Quarter Honor Roll Students

June 1, 2023

Unleashing Brilliance: Announcing Our Unstoppable Honor Roll Students!

Drumroll, please! It’s time to unleash a storm of applause for our unstoppable 4th Quarter Honor Roll Students! These academic dynamos have proven that nothing can stand in the way of their educational conquests. Brace yourselves for a celebration of pure brilliance!

High Honors, the ultimate pinnacle of academic achievement, are reserved for those who have fearlessly tackled the toughest challenges and emerged victorious with a GPA of 3.75 or higher. Let’s also give a big shout-out to our Honors recipients, the warriors who have valiantly fought their way to a GPA between 3.25 and 3.75. They’ve shown us that perseverance and a hunger for knowledge are the secret ingredients to success.

Now, here’s where the excitement reaches fever pitch: our awe-inspiring Honor Roll Students hail from not just one or two, but a whopping 20 different parishes within the Omaha Archdiocese! These young trailblazers have left no stone unturned, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to education in the most remarkable way.

Get ready to witness an eruption of applause as we celebrate the indomitable spirit of our Honor Roll Students. They’ve conquered mountains, broken barriers, and shown us all what it means to be true champions of education. The future is theirs for the taking, and we couldn’t be more proud!

Freshman High Honors

Brace Adamson, St. Bernadette
Alyssa Cap, St. Thomas More
Cooper Capece, Mary Our Queen
Ryker Casart, St. Bernadette
Olivia Chau, St. Matthew The Evangelist
Patrick Demman, St. Columbkille
Tyson Heilig, no parish listed
Lauren Kosse, St. Gerald
Charlie Kuiper, St. Thomas More
Abigail Lee, St. Mary’s Bellevue
Sienna Miller, St. Gerald
Alex Nano, Holy Cross
Hannah Marie Payumo, St. Frances Cabrini
Griffin Pechar, St. Columbkille
Cassandra Rexin, St. Gerald
Carter Sauley, St. Matthew The Evangelist
Ryan Stuhr, St. Columbkille
Chloe Thompson, St. Gerald
Elisabeth Upah, St. Thomas More
Louise Waldron, St. Gerald
Mia Winkelmann, St. Columbkille
Anna Zuber, Our Lady Of Lourdes

Freshman Honors

Bennet Achterhoff, St. Mary’s Bellevue
Juan Luis Aguilar, no parish listed
Laura Alvey, Holy Cross
Derek Balis, St. Gerald
Tessie Biros, St. Joan of Arc
John Blickenstaff, St. Thomas More
Daphne Campos, St. Bridget
Ronaldo Carrera-Ybanez, Our Lady Of Lourdes
Erin Cassoutt, St. Matthew The Evangelist
Dominic Chiarello, St. Thomas More
Luke Davison, St. Bernadette
Maggie Earnest, St. Bernadette
Molly Exline, St. Thomas More
Olivia Goodwin, St. Thomas More
Lucy Kaczmarek, Holy Ghost
Logan Legner, St. Mary’s Bellevue
Lucy Linder, St. Bernadette
Alexis Martin, St. Matthew The Evangelist
Ava Moline, St. Columbkille
Erika O’Connor, St. Thomas More
Emiyah Pettis, St. Gerald
Mackenzie Riggs, St. Columbkille
Maximus Rock, Holy Cross
Nicholas Swiecicki, St. Mary’s Bellevue
Noelia Vargas-Mayorga, Our Lady Of Guadalupe
Zachary Yeshnowski, St. Columbkille

Sophomore High Honors

Laura Acevedo Sanchez, St. Columbkille
Marie Brousek, St. Columbkille
Amy Campos, Sts. Peter & Paul
Yasmin Cardenas, Sts. Peter & Paul
Widni Castillo Menjivar, All Saints
Alex Cogswell, St. Bernadette
Nghi Dam, St. Peter
Mia Donohue, St. Bernadette
Adelade Fehrman, St. Gerald
Ashley Gogal, no parish listed
Shawn Gomez, St. Columbkille
Robert Greenhagen, St. Gerald
Autumn Hall, St. Columbkille
Jacob Heffelfinger, St. Columbkille
Jane Hiatt, St. Bernadette
Ava Hite, St. Columbkille
Joshua Jansen, St. Bernadette
Avery Murtaugh, St. Matthew The Evangelist
Grace Nilson, St. Bernadette
Mae Peters, Our Lady Of Lourdes
Andrew Powers, St. Columbkille
Ava Puentes, St. Gerald
Evan Rexin, St. Gerald
Anna Rice, St. Bernadette
Dominic Roos, St. Mary’s Bellevue
Taylor Ross, no parish listed
Mackenzie Serow, St. Columbkille
Kelsey Sigmund, St. Gerald
Jessica Treu, St. Matthew The Evangelist
Grace Wozniak, St. Columbkille

Sophomore Honors

Thomas Brousek, St. Columbkille
Aillyn Bugarin, St. Francis Of Assisi
Armando Cordero Sanchez, no parish listed
Tony-Maria Digny, St. Gerald
Peter Ginn, St. Columbkille
Noah Holoubek, St. Stephen The Martyr
Lucas Janovich, St. Gerald
Joelle Krzemien, St. Gerald
Gracye Laney, St. Columbkille
Keaton Meyer, St. Gerald
Kaden Mumm, Our Lady Of Lourdes
Brady Robbins, no parish listed
Calvin Roberts, St. Bernadette
Miley Sidzyik, St. Columbkille
Mary Kate Upah, St. Thomas More
Bryce Urban, Sts. Peter & Paul
Kali Wonderlich, St. Gerald

Junior High Honors

Arianna Alcala, St. Thomas More
Anush Bhujel, no parish listed
Isaac Bies, Immaculate Conception
Allison Carroll, St. Gerald
Carly Chase, St. Gerald
Joseph Conner, St. Wenceslaus
Ella Curry, St. Bernadette
Colby Duncan, St. Thomas More
Grace Fanowiel, St. Thomas More
Robert Fitzpatrick, no parish listed
Cooper Franks, St. Bernadette
Megan Hempel, St. Columbkille
Makenzie Hughes, St. Bernadette
Anna Jacobs, St. Gerald
Ainsley Krehbiel, Mary Our Queen
Natalie Krehbiel, Mary Our Queen
Ethan Le, St. Bernadette
Ayla Lee, St. Mary’s Bellevue
Augustine Maldonado, Sts. Peter & Paul
Connor McGarry, St. Mary’s Bellevue
Nicholas Meier, St. Gerald
Jack Miller, St. Columbkille
Marissa Monico, St. Columbkille
Raiyah Nader, Greek Orthodox
Nathan Pechar, St. Columbkille
Olivia Riera, St. Frances Cabrini
Madison Riggs, St. Columbkille
Grace Riha, St. Bernadette
Noemi Riniková, St. Columbkille
Aaron Schmitz, St. Mary’s Bellevue
Molly Shanahan, St. Columbkille
Anna Simpson, St. Columbkille
Lauren Stuhr, St. Columbkille
Savana Sweeney, St. Columbkille
Christian Swiecicki, St. Mary’s Bellevue
Jacob Vankat, Assumption/Guadalupe
Saydie Waldron, St. Gerald
Ryan Weiss, St. Columbkille
Martha Yanovich, St. Columbkille

Junior Honors

Camila Zamora, Our Lady Of Guadalupe
Annie Biros, St. Joan of Arc
Kate Demman, St. Columbkille
Merrick Dowling, St. Bernadette
Evangeline Elia, St. Columbkille
Gabriella Hite, St. Columbkille
Gabrielle Hunter, St. Bernadette
Jacob Luna, Mary Our Queen
Leah Martin, St. Bernadette
Laine Michael, no parish listed
Monica Mora-Becerra, St. Francis Of Assisi
Ava Pajnigar, St. Bernadette
William Pelton, St. Columbkille
Mason Rempe, Mary Our Queen
Maiah Sanderson, St. Gerald
Samuel Shepoka, St. Columbkille

Senior High Honors

Harshil Amin, Assumption
Christian Anderson, St. Columbkille
Jayden Bowen, St. Bernadette
Julia Brennan, no parish listed
Thu Bui, All Saints
Maria Connealy, St. Mary’s Bellevue
Caecilia Cronin, Mary Our Queen
Daniel Crow, no parish listed
Anna Dho, no parish listed
Jackson Drake, no parish listed
Mary Engelkamp, St. Peter
Jake Garcia, St. Columbkille
Jason Goetz, St. Mary’s Bellevue
Joanna Goetz, St. Mary’s Bellevue
Nicole Hanus, St. Bernadette
Gabriel Hardisty, St. Stephen The Martyr
Kayleigh Hofmann, St. Bernadette
Josephine Jansen, St. Bernadette
Kate Kirwan, no parish listed
Alec Kleinsasser, St. Columbkille
Alex Kosse, St. Gerald
Joseph Kouba, St. Mary’s Bellevue
Michael Kowal, St. Bernadette
Malual Mamer, St. Mary’s Bellevue
Josephine Mansisidor, Our Lady Of Peace Offutt AFB
Salvatore Nacarelli, Our Lady Of Lourdes
Isabella Nastase, St. Mary’s Bellevue
Owen Nolte, St. Gerald
Nathan Paczkowski, St. Bernadette
Charlie Paladino, St. Columbkille
Shawn Pelchat, St. Columbkille
Olivia Persing, Mary Our Queen
Makayla Plisek, St. Mary’s Bellevue
Andrew Podkovich, St. Stanislaus
Andrew Powers, St. Bernadette
Emily Ramirez, Assumption
Jazlyn Rodriguez, Assumption
Collin Sauley, St. Matthew The Evangelist
Isabel Simpson, St. Columbkille
Julia Swiniarski, St. Matthew The Evangelist
Lucia Venegas Barrantes, St. Columbkille
Jaksen Wonderlich, St. Gerald
Isabell Zeller, St. Gerald

Senior Honors

Acouth Acouth, St. Mary’s Bellevue
Julia Bennett, St. Mary’s Bellevue
Owen Brennan, St. Gerald
Salvatore Canova, St. Stanislaus
Connor Capece, Mary Our Queen
William DeLaet, St. Columbkille
Theresa DeWerth, St. Columbkille
Stephen Ginn, St. Columbkille
Alex Gonzalez, St. Columbkille
Alison Henggeler, St. Thomas More
Austin Hynes, St. Matthew The Evangelist
Jacob Legner, St. Mary’s Bellevue
Margery McCartney, St. Columbkille
Jesse Musgrove, St. Matthew The Evangelist
Jose Ortega Moreno, St. Peter
Benedict Rice, St. Bernadette
Alexis Villagomez, Assumption/Guadalupe

Our 4th Quarter Honor Roll Students have demonstrated exceptional academic achievements, showcasing their dedication and commitment to education. We congratulate these extraordinary young minds and look forward to witnessing their future endeavors with great anticipation.

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