LeAnna Brown: From Drama Club to Global Travel Podcast

April 23, 2024

Gross Catholic Grad Creates International Blog and Podcast

Leanna's PodcastLeAnna (Tucker) Brown (‘05) has always had a deep desire for adventure and a flair for performing. Back in her High School days at Gross Catholic, sometimes that simply meant escaping to other places, lands, and even time periods as she found a passion for performing on the Drama Department’s theater stage. She also excelled on the Speech Team as she loved telling inspiring stories to the audiences in front of her.

LeAnna never imagined that 20 years later, she would be tapping into all of those skills she began learning as a teenager in her career today as a travel blogger and podcast host.

From Drama Nerd to Professional Travel Blogger

A few years after LeAnna and Andy (Class of ‘04) married, they decided the world needed exploring! They moved to Germany and began using that as a base for traveling the world. Despite having a degree and teaching for several years in Elementary Education, LeAnna realized that her passion was in inspiring others to find their own authentic travel experiences as well.

In fact, it was Mrs. Greenhagen (yes, before she was Mrs. Sweetmon!) who told LeAnna in her freshman year writing class that she had a gift with writing… a compliment that has stayed with her all these years and helped give her the confidence to start a new career as a travel writer.

LeAnna began full-time Travel Blogging in 2015 as they awaited the arrival of her first son in the hopes that she could build a successful business that allowed her to work from home, travel the world, and have a flexible schedule with her children. Since then, she has built, created, and managed three successful blogs.

It is her current site, WanderInGermany.com, that has ultimately brought her the most recognition. As an expat living in Germany herself, her readers and followers love getting “insider” trip planning tips and resources from someone who has personal experience but are also drawn to her incredibly detailed writing which helps them plan their trips with ease and fun. She’s been described as “The Rick Steves of Germany Travel” and has been recognized with several distinguishable awards for her writing and work on Wander In Germany.

To International Podcaster

LeAnna's podcast on SpotifyBut perhaps the most interesting twist in this story is how we have to go back, again, to the classrooms of Gross High. After all, who would have ever imagined that when teachers such as Mr. Slope would say things like, “LeAnna….that’s enough talking back there!” during Calculus class or when Mr. Homan would have to hush her down to get back to the Student Council Agenda at hand, that all that talking would actually turn out to be a highlight in her future career!?

We are proud to support LeAnna as she, once again, picks up a microphone. Instead of singing a Godspell or Fiddler on the Roof Song on the Gross Catholic Theater stage like she once did, and instead of being strategically sat several rows away from her best friends to prevent giggling and chit-chatting during AP History classes, you can now find LeAnna on all podcasting platforms as she takes her successful blog to the next level with its own Travel to Germany Podcast where she talks….a lot!!!!

Help Support LeAnna Brown

If you find yourself daydreaming of fairytale castles, Lederhosens, and sausages, LeAnna’s WanderInGermany site is the perfect place to help you plan your trip from itineraries, off the beaten path gems, and general tips and advice for navigating the country.

Share the Podcast

Even if you aren’t ready to pack your bags for Germany, maybe someone you know IS. You can help LeAnna’s podcast take off and reach the top of the charts by sharing her podcast on your social media.

You Can Find LeAnna In the Following Places:

Website: WanderInGermany.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WanderInGermany
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wander.in.germany/
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@wanderingermany
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@wanderingermany

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