Graduation Requirements


Gross Catholic High School has a tremendous curriculum designed to help students succeed in the real world. Our balanced and well thought out requirements reflect the excellent curriculum.

We have amazing teachers who really care for our students. We offer over 170 college prep courses, with 22 Honors/AP courses, and 20+ dual enrollment courses.

It is recommended that students who plan to attend college take four years of science and math.


A full year of a course equals one credit. A one semester course equals a half credit. Students need to take four credits of Theology and English, three credits of Math and two of a World Language. Students are required to take one credit of a life science, which includes Biology, Advanced Biology, AP Biology, and Antatomy & Physiology. An earth science is also required. Earth science courses include Physical Science, Global Science, Chemistry, AP Chemistry, Physics, and AP Physics. An additional one credit of science is compulsory.

Other requirements include one credit of World History and American History.

Half credit compulsory courses consist of social studies electives (World Geography, Sociology, Psychology, Criminal Justice, AP World History), Physical Education, Physical Education elective (includes Individual & Team Sports, Lifetime Sports & Wellness, Strength & Conditioning), Speech, and Technology. Gross Catholic students must also take four additional elective credits.

The total required in order to graduate from Gross Catholic High School is a minimum of twenty-five credits. Additionally, students are to complete twenty-five hours of Marianist Mission Hours each year.